Help the Clean Team

The Clean Team is equipped with professional tools and equipment that suffer a lot of wear and tear. Maintaining the equipment is costly and replacing it is even more expensive. The Clean Team needs nearly half a million dollars to meet annual operating expenses. You can help us by contributing to our cause.


The Clean Team gladly accepts:

  • Winter Work Gloves (insulated)
  • Boots (or gift certificates to major retailers for purchase of boots)
  • Safety Glasses Blue Dickies Pants – size 32 – 40
  • Insulated Long Underwear
  • Bottled Water
  • Wristwatches (New)
  • Rain suits (yellow rubber/pvc)
  • Hand power tools (screw-guns, circular saws, chainsaws)
  • Commercial lawn equipment
  • Snow removal equipment

Your donation helps formerly homeless men who are working their way to self-sufficiency. It also helps keep our community clean. If you would like to donate items to the Clean Team, please fill out the Donations Inquiry Form below.  Click on the Donate Now button to make a secure online donation today!

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Donations Inquiry Form

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