About Our Team


Michael Mauro

Contact the Clean Team Manager, Mike Mauro for more information or to hire the Clean Team please call 610-740-5500 ext. 332 or 484-266-8829


Brian Achey

Clean Team Assistant Manager
Brian Achey
610-740-5500 ext. 330 or 484-266-8712

 Clean Team Permanent Support Staff
Erik Fuqua     Support Specialist
Arthur Morsching     Streets Specialist
Donald Knoble     Support Associate I
Thomas Stier     Support Associate II
Geddy Newhard     Support Associate II

We also have around 20 Clean Team employees involved in our life skills program, getting paid above minimum wage, and working temporarily for the Clean Team until they find permanent employment in our community.

  • Clean Team staffing goes up or down depending on program participation, phase of program, and success of men finding outside employment.